Research Projects

swissnuclear research projects

Swissnuclear finances research projects that contribute to the safe and economic operation of the Swiss nuclear power plants. The most important research areas are long term operation, safety and decommissioning.

swissnuclear also supports the education and keeping of competence in strategic areas at PSI. For this purpose there is a long-standing research framework agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute.  The research projects listed below have been introduced to swissnuclear through project proposals.  They have undergone a selection process and have then been included in the research project funding/support programme.


Projekttitel Organisation Projektstart
ATF4LWR & HyCo, Advanced Technology Fuels for Light Water Reactors PSI 2018-2019
CARSAN, Computational thermodynamic Aspects of Reactor chemistry and Severe accident Analysis PSI 2018-2019
CASQUADES-II & INFLUENCE, Cask oriented Analyses for the Swiss reactors & INside wall FLUENce Calculation Enhancements PSI 2018-2019
FSAELDO-BWR & BoilingCrisis, Multi-scale numerical prediction of boiling crisis & Fundamental studies on accurate estimation of local dryout in BWRs PSI 2018-2019
FuSyFIB, Structural characterization of standard and chromia-doped UO2 fuels implementing the FIB system and probing with light PSI 2018-2019
HYMEC – HYdrides & MEChanics PSI 2018-2019
HyUp, Determination of the causes of increased H Uptake at high burnups in Light Water Reactors (LWR) PSI 2018-2019
Investigation of fuel assembly integrity under wet and dry storage (WetStorage) PSI 2018-2019
MDIC-Digital image correlation analysis of multiaxial loading induced microstructural aging as observed in the primary cooling circuit ofnuclear power plants microstructural aging PSI 2018-2019
Neutron Emission measurements With Scintillators (NEWS) PSI 2018-2019
NUDEL, NUclide DEtermination and Local quantification of actinides at high burn-up PSI 2018-2019
Source term mitigation in severe accidents – iodine source term PSI 2018-2019
WIR, Waste treatment and Isotope Reclamation
PSI 2018-2019
Neutronenphysikalische Untersuchung der Auswirkung von Brennelementvibrationen auf die Neutronenflusssignale in DWR PSI 2014-2019
SIGMA 2, R&D Program on Seismic Ground Motion EDF 2017-2023