Research Projects

swissnuclear research projects

Swissnuclear funds research projects that contribute to the safe operation and efficiency of the existing nuclear power plants. In this context, the most important topics are long-term operation, safety and waste disposal.

In addition, swissnuclear supports efforts to retain competence and to educate the next generation in this strategic area at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). To this end, PSI and swissnuclear have entered into a multi-year framework agreement. The research projects listed below were brought to the attention of swissnuclear in project proposals and approved for project funding following a selection process.

Nine new research projects started in 2022 at PSI, with a swissnuclear funding over a two-year period till end 2023.

Project title Organization Duration
HBuDF: Atomic scale insight into structural evolution of doped UO2 fuel irradiated at high burnup: The state of dopant and fission product effects PSI 2022-2023
HYMEC+: HYdrides & MEChanics plus hydrogen uptake mechanisms PSI 2022-2023
ModResStresW2: Validated Modeling of Residual Stress in Dissimilar Metal Welding PSI 2022-2023
MISCATOE: Micro-Scale Toughness Evaluation - Experimental assessment of fracture initiation and micro-crack arrest toughness on RPV steels PSI 2022-2023
COLOSS: COmbined Loading Optimization with Simulations and Surrogate models Phase 2 PSI 2022-2023
McBURN: Monte-carlo methods for BUrned Reactor Neutronics PSI 2022-2023
NEWS-3: Neutron Emission measurements With Scintillators Phase 3 PSI 2022-2023
CAESIUM: Combined Analytical and Experimental Studies of Iodine Uptake Materials PSI 2022-2023
BoilCRUD: Boiling flow simulation in fuel-assembly affected by CRUD PSI 2022-2023
MDIC: MDIC-Digital image correlation analysis of multiaxial loading induced microstructural aging as observed in the primary cooling circuit of nuclear power plants microstructural aging PSI 2018-2023
SUPERMO: Subflow for polydisperse model development PSI 2020-2021
HECTAR: Hydrodynamic Experiments to Characterize Aerosol Retention PSI 2020-2021
ATHESC: Advanced characterization and THErmodynamic Study of CRUD formation in LWR PSI  2020-2021
SIGMA 2: R&D Program on Seismic Ground Motion
 EDF 2017-2022