Research and education


Swissnuclear provides subsidies for research on topics relevant to nuclear power. Well-known institutions receive financial support via research projects. With these efforts, Swissnuclear pursues the following goals:

  • Promotion of up-and-coming talent 

We promote up-and-coming talent for research, industry and government in the nuclear power sector by getting students and trainees involved in research projects.

  • Contribution to the secure, long-term and economical operation of nuclear power plants

We increase expertise on power plant operation through applied research on the security, long-term operation and efficiency of the plants.

  • Anchoring nuclear power in society

We support research projects that help society, politicians and policy-makers to understand and accept nuclear power, because it is deemed highly controversial.

The subsidy funded by swissnuclear contributes much to the sustainable operation of existing plants. It also aids in the early discovery of new technologies and in efforts to safeguard the future.

Education and training

A central concern of electricity companies and nuclear power plants is to attract up-and-coming talent as skilled workers for the Swiss nuclear power industry. Swissnuclear therefore coordinates and promotes the education and training of qualified technical personnel on behalf of its member companies:

  • Swissnuclear is a sponsor of Reaktorschule at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). The Reactor School is an advanced technical college offering a recognized Swiss engineering degree (Dipl. Techniker/in HF). Its main activity is to provide basic theoretical training for licensed operating personnel for nuclear power plants. From the summer of 2015, the following content can be covered at the Reactor School neue Fachrichtung «Grossanlagenbetrieb» des Rahmenlehrplans Technik (link in german). In this study program, one can obtain skills and expertise for operating large, complex production plants posing potential risks, a trait also typical of nuclear power stations.
  • Swissnuclear organizes the continuing training courses in collaboration with PSI Fortbildungskurs Kernenergie (link in german).It is geared to skilled technical personnel as well as to senior employees wishing to establish themselves in the nuclear power field.
  • The third and final target group comprises students from universities, universities of applied sciences and other tertiary institutions, who are supported in their scientific work by swissnuclear project aid. This indirect aid for training benefits the interface between schools and plants.