Research and education

Swissnuclear provides funding for research on topics relevant to nuclear power. Funding is given to research projects carried out by recognized institutions. Swissnuclear pursues the following objectives with this funding:

  • Nurture the next generation workforce
    We nurture the next generation workforce for research, industry and government  in the nuclear power sector by getting students and trainees involved in research projects.
  • Contribute to the safe, long-term and economic operation of nuclear power plants 
    We increase expertise about power plant operation through applied research on the safety, long-term operation, and efficiency of the plants.
  • Anchor nuclear power in society 
    We support research projects that help society, politicians and policymakers understand and accept nuclear power, because it is deemed controversial.

The funding provided by swissnuclear therefore contributes greatly to the sustainable operation of existing plants. In addition, it aids in the early discovery of new technologies and in efforts to safeguard the future.


A central concern of the electricity companies and nuclear power plants is to be able to recruit new skilled workers for the Swiss nuclear power industry. Swissnuclear therefore coordinates and promotes the training of qualified technical personnel on behalf of its member companies.

Together with the Conference of Higher Technical Schools, swissnuclear sponsors the core syllabus for the study program to obtain a Higher Technical School diploma (HF qualification) as a technician specializing in large-scale plant operation (Techniker HF Fachrichtung Grossanlagenbetrieb). The core syllabus defines the requirements with respect to skills, hours of training, conditions of admission, and qualification procedure for the above study program as set forth in the EAER Ordinance on the Minimum Requirements for the Recognition of Study Programs and Continuing Education and Training at Professional Education Institutions (MiR-PEI). In this study program, participants acquire skills in the operation of large and complex production plants of the kind typically found in nuclear power stations. The study program is offered at the Nuclear Technician School in Baden, Switzerland. It is the basis for training licensed reactor operators in accordance with the ENSI-B10 Guideline for Swiss Nuclear Installations.

Teaching, research and the next generation workforce in Swiss nuclear power

The Swiss Nuclear Forum regularly teams up with swissnuclear, the association of the Swiss nuclear power station operators, to take stock of teaching, research and the next generation workforce in the Swiss nuclear power sector. The latest survey for 2019 to 2023 shows that reliable basic conditions and increased engagement by the federal government in research and in the training of the next generation workforce in the nuclear power industry are indispensable for operating the Swiss nuclear power plants in the long term, which will inevitably be necessary.