PEGASOS results

The results of the PEGASOS study were the subject of lengthy discussion in the technical community. Given the data available in Switzerland, the methods used reached their limits and the results are marked by a large element of uncertainty and numerous open questions. For these reasons, a follow-up refinement project was initiated in 2008 with more extensive and improved data. The PEGASOS results can be found here. The results and the models from PEGASOS formed the basis for, and are in integral part of, the PRP and should be evaluated as a whole. The results from 2004 represent the state of the art in science and technology that could be achieved with the data available at the time.

The work carried out by the experts in the PRP will be presented to ENSI for review and will then be published. These new results will represent the current state of understanding in the area of seismic hazard analysis in Switzerland and will replace the PEGASOS results. Nevertheless, new information and earthquake data will continue to be considered in the future and will be integrated into the regular updating of the seismic hazard.