28. July 2022

Successful SMiRT-Conference

Successful SMiRT-Conference


The International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT) celebrated its 50th birthday and took place on 10-15 July in Potsdam/Berlin. Swissnuclear as co-organisator und sponsor is proud of this successcul get-together of many reactor technology specialists. Especially after the pandemic and its restrictions it was brilliant to meet familiar faces as well as new ones and to see that there's a considerable pool of motivated scientists and technical staff that enjoy working and doing research in the nuclear field.

(Fotography: Michael Handelmann, Copyright DGZfP. e.V.)

06. May 2022

Post SMIRT-26 Seminar

Contribution of Deterministic and Probabilistic Assessments for Safety Margins and their Practical Application

18 - 20 July 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland

The event has been cancelled!

23. March 2022

Jobs in a nuclear power station

04. March 2022

Change in top management at swissnuclear

Swissnuclear has named Wolfgang Denk its new managing director. The graduate mechanical engineer will assume the post on 1 April 2022. Denk succeeds Philippe Renault in this position.

02. March 2022

Use of iodine tablets

For questions on the use of iodine tablets, please refer to the Potassium Iodide Supply Office on behalf of the Army Pharmacy.

11. February 2020

swissnuclear day of research

The swissnuclear day of research 2020 will take place in the visitors centre of the Leibstadt nuclear power on 5. november 2020 from 8-14 o'clock.

Many interesting research projects have been completed in 2019, and the results will be presented to a broader public: project leaders and fellow scientists, the research committee, representatives of the operators of the nuclear powers stations as well as interested guests from the general public.

Do attend the swissnuclear day of research. We look forward to your visit.

15. May 2014

swissnuclear Day of Research 2014

swissnuclear Day of Research 2014

The third “swissnuclear Day of Research” was staged at the visitors’ centre of the Leibstadt nuclear power plant on 7 May 2014. About 60 researchers and interested representatives of Swiss nuclear power stations took part in the event. The general feedback was very positive. It shows how valuable it is for everyone involved to cultivate and care for the crucial interface between research and industry.

Stephan Döhler, vice-president of swissnuclear, opened the event. His words of welcome were followed by seven exciting project presentations selected from a broad spectrum of subject areas. There were lectures on everything from neutronics to societal issues on the acceptance of nuclear power after Fukushima (see link to the programme). Andreas Pfeiffer, manager of the Leibstadt nuclear power plant, also spoke as host to those assembled, reporting on the latest research and development activities at KKL, the nuclear power station in Leibstadt. Following the presentations, time was set aside for a discussion and a lively one ensued.

The poster session was a new item on the programme. It gave the up-and-coming researchers, in particular, the opportunity to present their research projects and to talk with the power station employees.