The Mühleberg NPP is located on the upper reaches of the Aare river, close to the Swiss capital Bern. 

It is a boiling water reactor type BWR-4 of the American company General Electric and is cooled with water from the river Aare. It generates around 3.1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year – around one-sixth  of the country’s electricity needs. Mühleberg thus makes an important contribution to the security of energy supply in the greater Bern area and north-west Switzerland. 

Mühleberg has an unlimited operating licence but will cease operation in 2019 for economic reasons. The owner and operator of the plant is BKW Energie AG. 

Facts and figures 

In operation since: 1972
Output: 390 MW gross, 373 MW net
Annual production: around 3100 GWh (with an average river water temperature of 11°C)
Number of employees: 350