Job openings in the Swiss nuclear power sector


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In the interviews, you find out what it takes to be able to work at a nuclear power plant and what shapes the different kinds of work done at a nuclear power plant. Plant employees tell you why they find their own jobs so interesting.


Laura Perez is a plant operator and aspiring reactor operator

“Since I have been working as a plant operator, not a day has gone by on which I have not discovered a new corner of the plant, gained an understanding of a new process or acquired new interdisciplinary knowledge.”


Peter Hug is a radiation protection expert

“Whether you are talking about industry, medicine and research or nuclear power plants, it is vitally important to treat radioactive materials with care and respect. Radiation protection must contend with the sometimes conflicting priorities of nature, humankind and technology. This field has so many different facets, it never ceases to fascinate me.”