Beznau 1 and 2

Beznau 1 and 2

The Beznau NPP is located close to the confluence of the Rhine and Aare rivers and is near the large consumer centres of the Swiss Midlands. The two units are constructed on an artificial island in the river Aare formed by the river course and the headrace channel for the Beznau hydroelectric power plant.

The plant consists of two largely identical Westinghouse pressurised water reactors that use cooling water from the river. Together, the two units generate around 6 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year – around one-tenth of the country’s energy needs. Beznau 1 and 2 also supply district heating (Refuna) to around 18,000 residents in the region.

Both units have an unlimited operating licence. The owner and operator of the plant is Axpo Power AG, which is part of Axpo Holding AG. The latter belongs 100 percent to the Cantons of north-east Switzerland.

Facts and figures

In operation since: 1969 and 1971 respectively
Output Beznau 1: 380 MW gross, 365 MW net
Output Beznau 2: 380 MW gross, 365 MW net
Annual production: around 6000 GWh
Number of employees: 515