Tasks and Objectives

Our objectives

Nuclear energy plays a significant role in the Swiss electricity supply sector. Also in the context of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 nuclear energy will continue to be a mainstay of a secure energy supply in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the objective of swissnuclear’s activities is to ensure favourable social, political and economic boundary conditions for the existing and future nuclear energy programme in Switzerland, as well as the safe and sustainable disposal of the resulting radioactive waste.

Our tasks


  • safeguards, coordinates and represents the general interests of its members in nuclear-related issues (politics, communication, waste management, research and education) in dealings with national and international authorities, organisations and associations, as well as in the political arena and with the general  public
  • improves the boundary conditions for nuclear energy production in Switzerland
  • supports the nuclear power plants in ensuring their safe and sustainable operation today and in future phases of their life cycle
  • promotes social acceptance of nuclear energy
  • coordinates overarching activities such as
     ▪ research and education
     ▪ maintaining know-how and exchange of experience
     ▪ communication
     ▪ representation in international bodies
     ▪ waste management strategy