Research Projects

swissnuclear research projects

The research projects listed below were introduced to swissnuclear through project proposals; the proposals undergo a selection process and are then included in the research project funding/support programme. As can be seen from the list, swissnuclear supports research from a wide range of technical areas, from social science studies to reactor physics.

In addition to the above, there is a long-standing research framework agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute which includes a further 12 projects for 2016 and 2017.

Projekttitel Organisation Projektstart
The Effects of Helium on IASCC Susceptibility PSI 06/2013
Experimental characterization of liquid films and the influence of non-condensable gas during reflux condensation PSI 06/2013
Life Cycle Assessment of Nuclar Power in Switzerland PSI 07/2014
Continuation of survey of international accident tolerant fuel cladding activities PSI 07/2014
Decommissioning of nuclear power plants, clearance measurements and waste reduction PSI 07/2014
Entwicklung von Wissensmanagement-Methoden für die Schweizerischen KKW mit Hinblick auf den Generationenwechsel und die Förderung der Sicherheitskultur FHNW Olten 09/2014
Advanced studies of the Structure and Safety of the High Level Waste Storage in Deep Geological Formations EPFL 10/2014
Neutronenphysikalische Untersuchung der Auswirkung von Brennelementvibrationen auf die Neutronenflusssignale in DWR EPFL 12/2014
VOID: Development of an experimental setup to reconstruct axial void profile through neutron noise measurements PSI 01/2016
Source term mitigation during severe accidents- Phase 2 PSI 01/2016
Long term analysis of source term from severe accidents PSI 01/2016
Hydrogen Uptake PSI 01/2016
FAHRRAD – Fine Analysis of Hydrides Resolved by X-Ray Diffraction PSI 01/2016
Hydrides and Mechanics PSI 01/2016
WIR – Waste treatment and Isotope Reclamation PSI 01/2016
CASQUADES – Cask oriented Analyses for the Swiss reactors with Quantification of Uncertainties in Activity, Decay heat and radiation Emission sources PSI 01/2016
QUASAR: Quantification of Uncertainty and Analysis of Sensitivity Applied  to Reactors PSI 01/2016
ATF@LWR – A Pilot Study on the Potential Benefits of SiC/SiC Cladding for Present-day Light Water Reactors PSI 01/2016
Chemical Thermodynamic aspects of LWR PU and MA burning in fluoride salt fueled fast MSR PSI 01/2016
Plant Life Management PLiM: Thermo-Mechanical and Multiaxial Fatigue caused by Cyclic Thermal Shocks PSI 01/2016